Travel through India – Alexander Pollnow

Alexander Pollnow is a German photographer friend of us, he is currently based in Shanghai working as expat and love to go out and travel around Asia. Those are some of his photos during a trip that he did with his friend Tobi in several cities in India mainly Varanasi, Kolkata. Alex always love film and for this trip he decided to only shoot film so he bring with him one of the best sets that you can have for a 35mm film camera a Nikon F100 and 24mm 1.4 Film Provia 100, unfortunately his camera had some problems on the trip that he only found when he got his frames from the lab, as Mr. Pollnow says “Dream big, fall hard” if you meet him you can ask him about it.

If you want know more about Alex you can check this video that he participated with us showing his Experience & Review: Nikon F6 and Nikon F100


Nikon F100 and 24mm 1.4 Film Provia 100  – Alexander Pollnow


All the photos reserved to Alexander Pollnow 

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